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Who we are ?

Codenra Software works with software developers who have caused hundreds of projects to stand up.

The excitement of being so close to technology feels good. We can see our success thanks to the applications that have remained on the production scene for years. We focus specifically on the importance of mobile connectivity, we have spent a lot of time developing complex solutions in almost every industry. We attach importance to up-to-date information in order to choose the best among thousands of options and spend a lot of time to improve ourselves. We don't end any of our experimental projects, we use kanban methods to develop and think about it. At the same time, we pay attention to our customer network and produce application solutions that are wonder of design.

We need to grow so that we can be more productive and have more ideas. For this, Codenra constantly publishes active job postings.

What can we do for you?

A problem you solve in your business or daily life should have a software response. You need an algorithm that will take action according to everyone who will be involved in your program and the actions they will take.

How soon can we do it?

As you know, this subject is directly related to the diagram of the work done. But here the team plays an important role. We think we also got the idea of what would be better. We can now produce solutions very quickly.

What will happen if you work with us?

You will never be unaware of what stage we are at. We inform you about all the stages by disturbing you in the quietest way. You will be able to direct your thoughts by sharing them with us.

Can we keep you safe?

We are always ready to question the safety of our techniques. We also know that we take the responsibility of thousands of users involved in the system. We will keep you informed about security as well as every other issue.