Blokchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain, which forms the infrastructure of the virtual currency Bitcoin, which has not fallen out of languages ​​recently, is actually a software system that has been in our lives since 2009, thanks to its advanced algorithm. Thanks to blockchain, your information is not tied to a center, on the contrary, the users who use your system are independently involved in the operation of the system. Blockhain algorithms, which are not limited to bitcoin and stock exchange transactions, attract attention with being a database. Blockchain, which is a very advantageous technology in terms of privacy and data protection, ensures the security of data that is constantly verified with the help of certain mechanisms. Blockchain, which is a distributed database, is not connected to any company thanks to the fact that it does not have a center controlling the system and keeps your privacy at the highest level. This system based on cryptographic transactions cannot be hacked and touched. Problems in such an important system can cause big problems. Therefore, as the Codenra software team, we are happy to provide Blockchain Solutions services.


Some of Our Blockchain Services

As Codenra software team, we carry out our Blockchain Solutions services by getting motivation from our experience in the sector and our happy customer community that we have gained for many years. We rely on our knowledge and experience in this service area. As we can issue coins on the stock market for you, we can also make your digital works patented with NFT. In addition, we offer services that enable you to verify a contract you will make in a notary in the digital environment and we can also make it possible to share files by using IPFS technology. We can even make this file a file that can be downloaded using the payment method thanks to the file coin. We can connect your blockchain network to your smart home systems and even rent your home on the blockchain.


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There are many services and projects we run with the blockchain system. This technology, which has many examples and high level reliability in the world, is one of the services preferred by more and more companies. Solving the problems that may occur in this database is now among the services that a software company must provide. We, as the Codenra software team, carry out these services for you in the most accurate and reliable way. If you want to make a project with Blockchain, which is one of our services that we can describe as our area of ​​expertise, contact us about the subject.

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